The multi-channel iPortrait video installation brings the viewers attention to the startling amount of time spent online by the 49 million commuters who daily populate the New York, Shanghai, London, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo subways. You can argue that there is not much else to do on these long underground journeys that photographer Jacqueline Hassink documented with her iPhone. But seeing the mirroring effect of such extensive disconnectedness from real life magnified and in your face does conjure up some unease of our daily digital consumption.

Artist / photography: Jacqueline Hassink
Installation design, statistics animation and production: Yvo Zijlstra - Antenna-men
Editing and post production: Arne Verbrugh - Kaina Media
Soundscape: Charly van Rest - Silent M Studio

For Unwired, artist Jacqueline Hassink roamed the world in search of ‘white spots’, where there is no digital connectivity of any kind. She photographed places like the remote primeval forests on the Japanese¬† island of Yakushima, the Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Ocean and the mountains of Iceland, but also visited a ‘digital detox’ spa in Germany, where clients are artificially shielded from the digital world.¬† Contrasting sharply with these tranquil places, Hassink has taken portraits of people glued to their smart- phones in metros.The video installation produced by media designers Antenna-Men projects the endless stream of urban commuters moving from station to station. With additional data tracking their locations and online activities.¬†