Grooves from the cloud is the third album on our label. And indeed, this is all about improvisation. Not a single note was written out or practiced in advance. Am I getting your attention? Then please watch the engaging videos on our website where the musicians on this album tell their story. Reinier Baas guitar - Ronald Kool keyboards - Michel van Schie bass - Linda Bloemhard vocals - Martijn Vink drums

‘If it sounds good it IS good.’ The words of none other than Duke Ellington. The musicians certainly did sound good the day we recorded this album. There’s nothing more beautiful than the sound of top class reeds and brass playing right in front of you. Nothing more exhilarating than a rhythm section that swings and surprises. The audience were truly witness to something special that day in July. Tini Thomsen bariton saxophone - Ilja Reijngoud trombone - Angelo Verploegen trumpet, bugel - Stefan lievestro electric bass - Jamie Peet drums - Tom Ridderbeekx trumpet - Sebastiaan van Bavel fender rhodes - Albert Kerekeš tenor saxophone

“Beginnen? Ja.” “Start? Yes.” This is what you’ll hear in the first few seconds of this album. With the ripple of a mumbling audience and the sounds of a few brass instruments warming up in the background. Then Eric starts tapping his jungle drums and we’re off. This is the second album on the Alive! Modern Savior label. Mete Erker tenor and soprano saxophone - Ronald Kool keyboards - Marco Dirne bass and moog bass - Bart Lust trombone - Nico Schepers trompet and bugel - Eric Hoeke drums
‘Alive!’ of course stands for feeling alive standing in front of music played by great musicians. And I like to see musicians as contemporary redeemers, hence‘modern savior’. A bit odd maybe, but it felt appropriate. Anton Goudsmit
guitar - Ronald Kool keyboards - Stefan Lievenstro bass - Mark Schilders drums

Begeleid door donkere klanken uit de aanwezige Welte-pianola van Duitse makelij drinkt men zwijgzaam voort. Martijn van Agt guitar & vocals - Glenn Gaddum Jr bass - Mark Schilders drums