The website is used by participating universities to register and send in their best graduation project. The project database contains over 1500 of the worlds best graduation projects. On the website there are interviews, documentary video's on previous editions, workshopreports and a list of all universities worldwide in the field of architecture, urban design and lanscape architecture. archiprix is the biggest international competition of it's kind.
An independent jury rewards the very best submissions with the Hunter Douglas Awards. The aim of the awards is to stimulate the introduction of starting, talented designers into the world of professional practice.
Archiprix International forms an expanding international platform for training colleges and newly graduated, talented designers. It spotlights international trends in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture and brings designers together.
On the map you see an overview of existing and new national Archiprixes and an overview of Archiprix International editions. The global Archiprix International and the fast growing number of local Archiprix initiatives form a stimulating combination! Each edition of the Archiprix International is organized in cooperation with a partner abroad.
The documentary films give an impression about the activities of Archiprix international with reports of the workshops, the award ceremonies and the experiences of the participants. Next to the documentaries you can see the Favourite Architects of the participants of Archiprix International. For the filmed interviews with participants in which they explain their awarded or nominated graduation project > see interviews.
Archiprix International is proud to announce the start of her ninth edition. After successful editions in 2001 in Rotterdam, 2003 in Istanbul, 2005 in Glasgow, 2007 in Shanghai, 2009 in Montevideo, 2011 in Cambrigde (USA), 2013 in Moscow and 2015 in Madrid, Archiprix International will again stage a unique presentation of the world's best graduation projects in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. The Archiprix International 2017 will take place in Ahmedabad India. We are honoured that the CEPT university is our co-organisers for the 2017 edition.
The world’s best graduation projects form the basis of Archiprix activities. This graduation work presents a wealth of ideas for a broad range of contemporary and future challenges. It is evident that designers who have studied the theme of their graduation project at length are eminently qualified to deploy the acquired knowledge in professional practice for the benefit of high-quality designs.
It is not only a great pleasure but also of the utmost necessity to offer the best graduation projects and their designers a platform. We will continue to improve the way we do this and hope to reach an increasingly wider public, offering everybody from policy-makers, students and tutors to designers, curators and clients, an amply filled pool of ideas and talents.
<div center;"=""> The Archiprix International Ahmedabad 2017 catologue presents some sixty of the 385 submissions.
Archiprix operates at the intersection of education and professional practice. Through its network, it links global and local scales in various ways, and aims to stimulate mutual inspiration and knowledge development.
The creation of a network, on a worldwide basis, for the exchange of information, teachers and senior students, is necessary in order to promote a common understanding and to raise the level of architectural education.
International exchanges play a vital role in developing the profession and improving the quality of individual projects. In researching an assignment and designing a graduation project or concrete building project, designers acquire knowledge through relevant sources of information and draw inspiration from exemplary projects by colleagues at home and abroad. Access to the right knowledge and sources of inspiration therefore contributes to the quality of their projects.